Ansible: Up and Running, 3rd Ed. ISBN: 978-1-098-10915-8 Ansible: Up and Running, 3rd Ed. ISBN:978-1-098-10915-8

Automating your infrastructure should be quick and easy

Because your time is better spent getting stuff done.

Among the many configuration management tools available, Ansible has some distinct advantages: It’s minimal in nature. You don’t need to install agents on your nodes. And there’s an easy learning curve. With this updated third edition, you’ll quickly learn how to be productive with Ansible whether you’re a developer deploying code or a system administrator looking for a better automation solution.

Authors Bas Meijer, Lorin Hochstein, and René Moser show you how to write playbooks (Ansible’s configuration management scripts), manage remote servers, and explore the tool’s real power: built-in declarative modules.

You’ll learn how Ansible has all the functionality you need—and the simplicity you desire.

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Third Edition

Ansible: Up and Running 3rd. Ed. is available from O' It has been completely updated, including new, updated and extending chapters:

  • Explore Ansible configuration management and deployment
  • Manage Linux, Windows, and network devices
  • Learn how to apply Ansible best practices
  • Understand how to use the new collections format
  • Create custom modules and plugins
  • Generate reusable Ansible content for open source middleware
  • Build container images, images for cloud instances, and cloud infrastructure
  • Automate CI/CD development environments
  • Learn how to use Ansible Automation Platform for DevOps

About the authors

Bas Meijer

Bas Meijer

Bas Meijer is a freelance software engineer and devops coach. With a major from the University of Amsterdam he has been pioneering open source since the early nineties. Bas has been an Ansible Ambassador since 2014, organizing the #AnsibleBenelux Meetup group, an speaking at several other events. Bas was a Hashicorp Ambassador in 2021.

You can find him as @bbaassssiiee on GitHub.

Lorin Hochstein

Lorin Hochstein

Lorin Hochstein is a former academic turned software engineer/operator. Once upon a time, he ran experiments on developers. These days, he's the one doing the development.

He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix.

He has been an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Computer Scientist at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, a Lead Architect at Nimbis Services, and a Senior Software Engineer at SendGrid Labs.

You can find him as @lhochstein on Twitter.

René Moser

René Moser

René Moser lives in Switzerland with his wife and 3 kids, likes simple things that work and scale and earned an Advanced Diploma of Higher Education in IT.

He has been engaged in the Open Source community for more than 15 years, recently as a Ansible Core Contributor and author of over 40 Ansible modules as well as a member of the Project Management Committee of Apache CloudStack.

You can find him as @resmo79 on Twitter.