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Automating your infrastructure should be quick and easy

Because your time is better spent getting stuff done.

Manually configuring servers and using multi-step checklists to deploy your applications is no fun at all. Ansible is a great tool for automating your infrastructure tasks, with a gentle learning curve.

This book covers how to use Ansible to automate your configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tasks.

Second Edition

Ansible: Up and Running in the second edition is complete and available for purchase. It covers Ansible in version 2.3, including new, updated and extending chapters:

  • Understand how Ansible differs from other configuration management systems
  • Use the YAML file format to write your own playbooks
  • Work with a complete example to deploy a non-trivial application
  • Create Docker images and deploy Docker containers with Ansible
  • Manage Windows machines, and automate network device configurations
  • Deploy applications to Amazon EC2 and other cloud platforms
  • Manage your fleet from your web browser with Ansible Tower

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About the authors

Lorin Hochstein

Lorin Hochstein

Lorin Hochstein is a former academic turned software engineer/operator. Once upon a time, he ran experiments on developers. These days, he's the one doing the development.

He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix.

He has been an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Computer Scientist at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, a Lead Architect at Nimbis Services, and a Senior Software Engineer at SendGrid Labs.

You can find him as @lhochstein on Twitter.

René Moser

René Moser

René Moser lives in Switzerland with his wife and 3 kids, likes simple things that work and scale and earned an Advanced Diploma of Higher Education in IT.

He has been engaged in the Open Source community for more than 15 years, recently as a Ansible Core Contributor and author of over 40 Ansible modules as well as a member of the Project Management Committee of Apache CloudStack.

You can find him as @resmo79 on Twitter.